Fashion ModelAs a Fashion Model you would promote clothing and accessories to fashion buyers, customers and the media. You will model items in fashion shows, photo shoots for catalogues, magazines, newspapers and advertising campaigns.

You must be prepared to work hard and be ready to travel worldwide and have a professional attitude to your career.

Top Fashion Models earn vast amounts of money; some are multi millionaires and well known celebrities; Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Jourdan and Cara Delevingne are some of the most famous faces of Fashion.

You will work with top international designers and take part in fashion shows around the world.

If you are interested in fashion and have the height and “Look” a career as a Fashion Model will suit you.

You must be over 5 foot 10 inches and have the “Look” to be a Fashion Model.

If you want to be a Fashion Model with Diva Models please apply now.